Dynamic Suspension

Comfort, safety and agility

Dynamic Suspension

dynamic-suspensionAlfa Active Suspension is an advanced electronic shock absorber control system that actively and continuously changes the chassis response depending on the road conditions and driving requirements.

The driver derives three benefits from the Dynamic Suspension system: comfort, safety and agility. First and foremost, the electronic shock absorbers adapt to the road conditions and control all the car’s movements. This guarantees maximum comfort and ensures that the unevenness of road surfaces is fully absorbed. In addition, the Dynamic Suspension system always ensures maximum grip and safety by actively responding to all road conditions. Finally, because roll and pitch are more restricted in all conditions, there is better stability and a quick approach to corners.


Sky-Hook control mode acts on the shock absorber setting with the aim of minimising vertical movements, improving passenger compartment insulation and guaranteeing improved comfort.

Isolated obstacles

Information from the sensors on the two front wheels is monitored to identify the presence of an obstacle, adjust the shock absorbers, minimise the counter-strike and maximise grip.

Lateral and longitudinal movements

Body movement is controlled, limiting roll and pitch as much as possible, thus increasing the sensitivity of steering, roadholding, stability and control.

Road Severity
(Road irregularity index)

Information from sensors on the front wheels is processed to identify the unevenness of the road surface, adjust the shock absorbers and improve both comfort and roadholding.

Interaction with ABSASR and VDC
The system complements its information with additional data from the ABS, ASR and VDC to improve shock absorber performance, guaranteeing maximum comfort and safety.

Alfa DNA device

The Dynamic Suspension interfaces effectively with the Alfa Romeo DNA device control strategies to guarantee:

  • more sporty handling (Dynamic);
  • more comfort (Normal);
  • more safety (All weather).