Dual Pinion Active Steering

Benefits of the new generation of steering systems

Dual Pinion Active Steering

Alfa Romeo Dual Pinion

Active Dual Pinion is a new-generation steering system developed specially for the Giulietta to guarantee the driving satisfaction for which Alfa Romeo is renowned.

Its name is derived from the presence of two pinions: the first is connected to the steering column and fitted directly to the steering box rack without artificial filters between the wheels and the driver’s hands. The second pinion, also connected directly to the rack, is connected to the electrical actuator which is situated in the engine compartment, thus minimising the risk of impact with the driver’s knees. This makes it possible to support the driver during all manoeuvres.

The advantages are immediate:

  • direct, sensitive steering in all driving situations;
  • full integration with the vehicle’s dynamic control systems, and with Alfa Romeo D.N.A.;
  • great driving comfort due to variable power assistance;
  • very good handling around town and during parking manoeuvres due to a turning circle of only 10.9 metres;
  • substantial reduction in fuel consumption of up to 3%, compared to a conventional system.