AlfaCare for your Alfa Romeo

29 March 2017

When you own an Alfa Romeo, you not only own a car; you own a particular way of living and experiencing an automobile. The real essence of Alfa Romeo defies description. As the only Authorised Dealer of Alfa Romeo in Singapore, EuroAutomobile understands that. That’s why we have AlfaCare packages to look after you and your Alfa Romeo.


AlfaCare – Service Packages

Keep your Alfa Romeo happy and save yourself some time and money on repairs. Having scheduled maintenance or servicing done is probably the easiest thing you can do as an Alfa Romeo owner to ensure your car is healthy.


Engine Capacity Quick Service Package 1 Package 2 Package 3
1,200 – 1,699 cc
(MiTo, Giulietta)
$162 $212 $312 $501
1,700 – 1,999 cc
$231 $281 $381 $571
2,000 – 2,999 cc
(Brera, Spider, 159)
$205 $275 $402 $679
3,000 cc and above
(Brera, Spider, 159)
$251 $321 $451 $728


AlfaCare – GPS and Reverse Camera

Difficulties in navigating the urban jungle? Let us upgrade your Alfa Romeo’s capabilities. Inspire greater confidence when you’re reversing or if you have to make your way to an unfamiliar destination.

Price: $450 for installation of Reverse Camera and 5″ Marbella N53 GPS


AlfaCare – Pre-LTA Inspection Check

Time for your Alfa Romeo’s periodic LTA inspection? Let us ensure your Alfa Romeo passes with flying colours. We can conduct a Pre-LTA Inspection Check before you head down to any inspection centre. Better still, we can send your Alfa Romeo for inspection on your behalf.


$148 for Pre-LTA Inspection Check

$178 for Pre-LTA Inspection Check + Drive to LTA Inspection


AlfaCare – Pre-Purchase Health Check

Mesmerised by a pre-loved Alfa Romeo, but you’re unsure if it’s healthy? Let us conduct a full health check on the pre-loved Alfa Romeo. Get the previous owner or 2nd-hand dealer to send it to EuroAutomobile for a full assessment of its condition.

Price: $218 for full physical and diagnostic check



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