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To Hua Hin, the Beach Town, and back

16 August 2016

On 24th August 2016, Alfisti from Singapore will embark on an 8 days’ journey to Hua Hin, Thailand, and back. En route, they will be joined with fellow Alfisti from Malaysia and Thailand. The Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC) Drive to Hua Hin is organised by AROC Malaysia, supported by Alfa Romeo Singapore, and expected to see an attendance of up to 25 Alfa Romeo cars. The Alfa Romeo models range from Alfa Romeo 155 to the current Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

We caught up with Eddie Tan and Kelly Leong, Treasurer of Alfa Romeo Owners Club Malaysia and Event Director of the AROC Drive to Hua Hin, to chat about this upcoming expedition.


Q: Hi Eddie and Kelly, what inspired you to organise this trip to Hua Hin, and why the decision to take this route?

A (Kelly): My good buddies, hubby (Eddie) and I discussed about driving up to Hua Hin during the AROC M’sia Krabi Run that I organised last year. Since we all love to drive, I arranged this Hua Hin Drive.

The route is planned by my ‘Sifu’, James Wong. He is the expert in long haul drive and always gives advice on how to organise a good drive and have a good time. The official flag-off will be from Rawang R&R, where we will travel to Sadao border (470km). Carrying on from the Sadao border to Suratthani takes about 370km, so we have decided to stop at Suratthani. It’s a good mid-point break. It’s also the largest province in South Thailand that stretches from the white sand shore of popular Gulf islands to forest-shrouded karst where you get loads of fresh seafood. After breakfast the next day, we will leave Suratthani and continue our journey to Hua Hin. This will take around another 460km. Overall, this will be a relaxed drive! I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my sifu!

Q: So, what do you look forward to in this road trip? What are some of the best experiences you’ve had so far?

A (Kelly): As I always say, “Jalan-jalan Cari Makan!” We all love to drive and we are all crazy about Thai food. I’m so glad that my buddy from Thailand, Ong Choong Soo, will lead us in to Hua Hin with Alfisti Thailand when we arrive. They will be bringing us to a secret place. “Perfect Italian scenery for Alfa,” he said. This drive is especially meaningful to me because it’s my first time organising a get-together drive for Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. It will definitely be very fun and memorable.

A (Eddie): Every drive has been wonderful and always filled with laughter. The memory itself always brings a smile to my face. We would use Walkie-talkie and chat with each other along the way. We would crack jokes and even sing for each other! The enjoyable feeling is indescribable when a group of good friends who love Alfa Romeo and food gather together. I definitely love doing spontaneous stuffs. Sometimes, I would take my phone out and ring my buddies and say, “let’s drive and eat!”

Q: And we heard that you’re driving your Alfa Romeo 166 for this road trip, how would describe driving it for this trip? In your opinion, are road trips for everyone?

A (Eddie & Kelly): Oh yes, we love our Alfa Romeo 166 so much. For us, it is the most comfortable ride for long haul, you must feel it yourself! It’s always our 1st choice for long haul drive. Last year during the AROC M’sia Krabi Run, two of our friends fell asleep in our car all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi. Haha!

Why not? Anyone who loves going places is suitable for road trips. Uncle Quek from Singapore enjoys road trips a lot although he’s already 70 years old. You always get to see and experience different things in different road trips. You may just have a stopover when you see nice food and explore as much as you can. Challenge your strength and your patience!

Q: Road trip aside, we heard that you owned a fleet of Alfa Romeo, why this ‘obsession’?

A (Eddie & Kelly): Our first Alfa Romeo was the Alfa Romeo 146, and subsequently also owned the Alfa Romeo 155, Alfa Romeo 156, and now the Alfa Romeo 166.

Alfa Romeo is able to give us a feeling that no other cars can offer. Once you own an Alfa, you can never go back! Once Alfa, Forever Alfa.

Q: Thank you, Eddie and Kelly. To end off, in 3 words, how would you describe Alfa Romeo?

A (Eddie): Ever Lasting Beauty.

A (Kelly): Work of Art.


We will be covering the road trip from set-off all the way until the Singapore Alfisti convoy returns. Remember to check back to follow their progress.